How one team at Google established a sustainable crit culture

Designers are compiling a word “crit” using sticky notes

Design critiques create space to improve designs and allow participants to gain confidence presenting work and articulating design rationales. Despite being an undeniably useful ritual, often they fail because the process stays the same while the team and project evolve.

At Google Health, we’ve learned that taking a more collaborative…

Illustration by anatinge@

Five Figma templates and a guide to make your next remote retrospective awesome

Running a retrospective meeting is a great way to celebrate a team’s achievements. It’s also a safe environment where everyone can speak up about the things that are bothering them and share tough feedback without blame or judgment.

In this post, I share five frameworks that I’ve found helpful in…

Jakob Nielsen’s general principles for interaction design were published 25 years ago and today they are still relevant and useful in design work.

We collaborated with Google’s UX Researcher Kris Liu to create this handy visualization of 10 Usability Heuristics.

I hung this poster next to my desk and while working on mockups often glance at it to make sure I don’t forget something important. Also when I need to explain design decisions to other designers or engineers ten heuristics are very helpful!

Anna Iurchenko

UX Designer at Google Health, board member IxDA San Francisco. I’m curious to understand people and I’m driven to build great products for them. Love sketching!

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