Thank you for sharing! I have a little bit different approach. I don’t put my sketch file into Source folder in Invision so it never generate screens from it automatically (i created separate folder for my source files, called it Sketch files).

Once I ready to upload my screens to Invision, I check names and sync them manually from Sketch via Craft plugin.

This gives me better control over what screens are in invision now, which names they have etc.

Often, before I sync new screens to Invision I go to the project and archive all old screens that I don’t need anymore. Archiving is not the best thing as I loose comments, interactions and history but sometimes the names for my screens are changed radically and archiving old screens is the only way to avoid confusion.


UX Designer at Google Health, board member IxDA San Francisco. I’m curious to understand people and I’m driven to build great products for them. Love sketching!

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